Although this is a short game and there are only 3 endings, some of you may get stuck! We encourage you to play the first time around without looking at this page but if you’re having trouble, read ahead.



  • Spectre: Be nice to Luka! Even if he’s not exactly leading you around, he is your companion for most of the night.
  • Vacuum: Cuddle with the silly lil’ Luka~ Don’t be too mean to him either.
  • Possessive: Well,  Luka is a stranger. Finding Steve is your first priority.


Take note that the ending you get is dependent on points, so you may pick different choices than the ones listed here. These choices simply max out your points for that ending.



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  1. “I can understand that.”
  2. “If you need to, you can have my jacket.”
  3. “High school’s stupid, anyways.”
  4. “They’re papers in a medical facility.”
  5. “Take your time.”
  6. “Can you help me?”


  1. “I can understand that.”
  2. “Let’s cuddle for warmth.”
  3. “I dunno, I just get the feeling.”
  4. “We can always cuddle.”
  5. “I’ll look around.”


  1. “Maybe you’re overreacting?”
  2. “I need to find my friend.”
  3. “Because I found them.”
  4. “Again? We can’t keep stopping like this.”
  5. “This is a storeroom.”