Night at the Hospital

Genre: Boy’s Love, Comedy, Horror(?)

  • 3 Endings
  • 3 CGs
  • A lot of cuddling

Night at the Hospital is Team Snugglebunny’s visual novel entry for the Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam of 2013 (PPHS). The first release was made in 5 days.


steve neutral

Meet Steve. Steve is a ghost hunter.

This is not the story of Steve.

This is the story of Frank.

frank neutral

Frank and Steve have been best friends since middle school. When Steve gets in a bind, Frank bails him out. As far as Frank is concerned, tonight’s little foray into the abandoned hospital is just business as usual.

luka neutral

That is, until he meets Luka.

This is the epic tale of Frank, conspiracies, cuddling, and some sweet, sweet mysterious-stranger lovin’.



Download the files that correspond to your OS:

Old version. Use only in case the above links are not working:
Night at the Hospital Mirror (ver 1.00, English language only, all systems)

If you don’t like downloading stuff, you can also Play online (note that the web version doesn’t have all the effects and features; English language only).

Release History and Updates:

    • Version 1.3a Android version released.
    • Version 1.3 includes a full French translation as well as some minor improvements.
    • Version 1.2 includes a full German translation (go to the options screen to switch languages).
    • Version 1.01 – minor bug fixes.
    • Version 1.00 – initial release.